Rhino 2.10.4 Issue

Just FYI I had to rollback to an older version of the Rhino connector as I had an issue with the send operation hanging (2.10.4 connector), also, the title bar had Rhino 6 on the top.

Version 7 SR22
(7.22.22221.5001, 2022-08-09)

Hey @ryanhughes, thanks for letting us know!

To which version did you have to go back to? We found the connector to be hanging on send when uncaught exceptions are thrown during conversion, would you be able to share a sample model with us to test with?


Sure, let me upgrade again, reproduce it and send on the model to you. Also, is here the best place for this sort of stuff, or would you rather Github issues?

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Here is better for this kind of bug, you’ll get a faster response from our team. But feel free to create a Github issue too if you want to.


To expand on @gokermu answer.

We don’t really have a super defined strategy here but, in general, we tend to prefer opening community forum posts (as Bilal said) whenever there’s an issue you do not know the cause of, or not even sure if its an issue or PEBKAC :sweat_smile:

GitHub issues are usually preferred when you already know there is a problem, where the problem lies. i.e. if you’re debugging you’re own stuff and are hitting some code issues.

Anyway, everything here eventually makes it’s way into GitHub when appropriate.

It occurrs to me that @Pavol may have something to say about this too, as he’s currently trying to put order and structure in the Speckleverse :partying_face:

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Hey guys, thanks for getting back so fast. I sent a link to Matteo with a minimal model that reproduces the issue for me on 2.10.4. (I’m not running Rhino in Debug mode from VS btw).


I’ve never heard PEBKAC until now, but it’s so precise and perfect :metal:

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I’ve preferred its synonym PICNIC - same components

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@ryanhughes yes, the this is the best place for reporting any bugs, issues, annoyances. This forum servers as the first line of support for our community. As @AlanRynne mentioned, everything makes its way to GitHub eventually where we deal with the rest so you don’t need to worry about it.

My apologies for the delayed answer :slight_smile:


No worries, nice to meet you, and thanks for getting back to me! :metal: