RevitComponents in Rhino Compute

Can’t get a response from compute if the gH definition includes RevitComponents like RevitWall or DirectShape. Is there something I should be paying attention to or is this a current known limitation?

Actually, just the presence of any speckle component from “Structure, BIM, Revit” etc in the canvas (even not hooked up) causes the problem. The json response comes back empty.

Hey Peter, could you please share a sample definition/files for us to debug?

Hey @peterandwilson!

It seems like there’s an ExpireSolution and another ExpirePreview call that being executed when the object has been added to a document, which happens every time you open a file… These calls should never be done in a compute environment as they’ll lock up the thread, or return nothing.

So this is clearly an oversight on my behalf! I’ll look into a fix for this sometime today, as it seems it is quite contained.


Thank you Alan! Did you manage to solve this?

I think I did! I haven’t merged into our development branch yet (have to do some more tests), but it’s looking good!

I have them running on a HOPS definition without issues. It’ll be merged in sometime this week and included in the upcoming alpha release for 2.13


Fantastic, I will test it when its out and report back to you