Can't access Speckle data published from ArchiCAD in Rhino.Compute

Well actually, I found that I can’t process geometry that comes from archicad in rhino.compute. Not sure why, but exactly the same script that pushes to speckle some transformation on a wall coming from revit won’t work with one from archicad (locally, it does work). I would love to understand the compute limitations with speckle further, both with archicad and revit (see also this)

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Can you share the commit url’s of both the revit and archicad wall? :slight_smile:

As a side note, we’re also trying to understand the Compute limitations with Speckle as the use-cases arise. As it’s tricky to predict what will work and what not on a general basis. We have some improvements coming on the next release though. Don’t hesitate to ping us with anything that doesn’t work/meet the expectations :raised_hands:t3: