RevitAccelerator blocks Speckle install

I cannot install the revit connector because I keep getting an error message "RevitAccelerator is Running. Please close it and try again. You may need to restart your computer ". No matter how many times I restart my computer (with everything closed, no connectors running) it does not work. Is there another way of installing the connector for revit?

A known issue that appears more with more recent versions:

RevitAccelerator is a helper process that launches when you first launch Revit per session.

In my experience, you can use Task Manager to end this process safely. It is only there to make subsequent Revit opens quicker. But it does block installing Speckle from Manager.

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Thanks but I have already tried that, I’ve closed everything via the Task Manager and it still won’t work.

A shame, I have tried a few different scenarios, but can’t replicate this notification appearing if the RevitAccelerator process is ended from Task Manager.

That’s with quitting Manager and restarting Manager with and without RA running. Just quitting the process, ensuring no Autodesk processes are running. All these stop the message from appearing.


Despite the message, you shouldn’t have to restart after ending the process; if you do, it may relaunch at startup.

Yes everything relaunches at restart and I have to close it all down again. I’ve tried it multiple times and I think i’ll just give up. Thanks for trying, I appreciate your time.

If you simply end the RA process and initiate the installation without any restarts - it should succeed.

You could also try - as a workaround downloading the installer directly:

I did not know you could download the installer directly, thank you. I will try this now :slight_smile:

Hey @hhanney !

Thanks for raising this - we double checked, and it seems that Revit Accelerator is actually not causing problems when installing our connectors.
We just released a new version of manager that has an exclusion for it, please give ti a go and let us know :slight_smile:

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