Revit Topography From Blender


I am trying to create an easy-to-modify topography workflow. Modelling a mesh in Blender and then creating topography from that mesh in Revit is the goal. I’ve had this workflow working before using Dynamo when I just export an .obj file but when I use Speckle it creates a generic model and I’m not sure if Dynamo or Revit can read that as a mesh.

Does anyone know how to get revit to see the output from speckle as a mesh so I can setup an automated workflow?



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Hi @scottyvalentine ,

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You can receive Blender mesh directly in Dynamo using Receive node. Than using the mesh vertices, you can use Topography.ByPoints to generate the topography.

If this doesn’t help, can you share the stream here or add me ( as a collab so i can better investigate on my end.

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I’ll give that a quick go before I invite you to join thank you!

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I gave it a quick try with the below commit from Blender and it works as expected. You can use the attached Dynamo script and modify it according to your needs if you want to.

BlenderTopo2Revit.dyn (11.5 KB)

Wow that’s fantastic, I can’t get the dynamo package to load into dynamo.

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I’m also getting an error from your Dynamo Script file, maybe the version I’m using is too old. I’m in Revit 2019

Yeah, I am using Revit 2022 and Dynamo 2.10. That’s why. Sorry, I don’t have 2019 install atm.

That’s ok. I can see the concept works at least.

I don’t seem to be able to install the Dynamo package, should I try installing an older version from your version list under Dynamo connector?

You can’t install any of our connectors if any of the softwares we support is open. So first you have to close your Revit session (and if open Rhino, Blender etc.), install the Dynamo connector, reopen Revit.

PS. Dynamo connector is installed from Speckle Manager. It is not installed from the Packages thing in Dynamo.

Sure I have been closing down revit and forcing end task on it as you added in a warning about it. I’m even resetting my PC to get it working. It’s still not in the package list unfortunately.

Hi @scottyvalentine maybe there’s another package conflicting with Speckle, you could try disabling the others temporarily. To do so, just open the packages folder and move everything else to another location…
Let us know if it works!


Also let us know if you have anything under notifications: