Revit to Sketchup (Multiple instances of Revit link model)

Hi all, I am sending a model from Revit to Sketchup. Given the needs of the project, in the Revit model, I have multiple instances (3) of a same Revit link.
At the time of making the stream, I only get one (1) instance of the Revit link to be sent (Not the copies of this (3)).

any idea or help?

Hey @Alonso_Caceres welcome to our community!

Have you enabled sending of linked models in Revit?

See: Revit | Speckle Docs

Hi @teocomi thanks!. Yes, I have the sending of linked models option enabled. That is why I receive (1) instance of Revit Link (but not its intances/copies).

Hey Alonso, thanks for confirming!

It turns out the Revit connector is assuming only 1 instance of a linked model can exist in the document.
I’ve logged you issue here: Support for sending multiple instances of the same Linked file · Issue #2823 · specklesystems/speckle-sharp · GitHub

Unfortunately, the resolution is not straightforward, so we need to brainstorm a bit internally how to go about it.

It could help us to understand a bit more about your use case, what type of workflow are you dealing with?

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Hi @teocomi

This issue has been raised here also. We have a customer who works with developing townhouses, which essentially is a lot of modular blocks (instances of the same links) that are put together to form the final layout.
The customer wants to be able to send the full project to RTLCA from the file that links everything together.

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Gotcha! We’ll try prioritize it, it’s not a straightforward change but we’ll get there :slight_smile: