Revit <> Tekla Workflow

I would like to know if there any updates/improvements regarding Revit to Tekla or the way around Tekla to Revit. we would need both workflows in this stage. I know the process from Tekla to Revit is quite more complicated(based on our talk last time). but how about Revit to Tekla (even if its one time conversion)?

Hi all,
Aween, did you manage to implement the workflow regarding Revit to Tekla or the way around Tekla to Revit? Did you face any problems, issue with this process?

I would appreciate if you or anybody else could share this information

Hi both!

I don’t have direct expericne with the workflow, but here are some resources that might help:

Please give it a go and let us know any feedback you have on this workflow - it’ll help us improve it even further.



Thank you for this links.
Did I understand correctly that , Speckle does not use native Tekla’s categories during import?

I tried to export from Revit to Tekla a floor, column, beam, foundation but got “items” in Tekla (not slab, column, beam, foundation). But I afraid maybe I have done something wrong

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Hi @Zhykharevich ,

I believe this is just how the current workflow works - I imagine they would ideally be transmitted as native Tekla categories, right?

We will add this to our roadmap and see what can be done! Please share any other feedback you might have.

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Hi Matteo,
Thank you for answers! I hope in future the elements will be transmitted as native Tekla categories. Looking forward for it in new versions )