Revit - Speckle - Power BI - Custom Project Information Parameters Not Streaming

Objective: I am trying to stream custom project information parameters via the “Project Info” selection criteria.

  • Issue: It only appears to bring in selected parameters. Is there a way to bring in custom parameters?


Speckle Type:

As an example, the highlighted parameters Project Type, Wind Region. Year of Completion, Ductility Factor (Mu) dont appear in the list in Power BI.

Any ideas how I can get these to appear?


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Maybe similar challenge (or maybe not) The properties I see in the viewer look just fine - but how to dig down through the ‘record’ to actually find them in PowerBI

@BIM_Wash and @David_Lash we have heard these questions a lot and I hope I have answer for you.

Hey @BIM_Wash,

The video that @jonathon shared showcases different ways to access Revit parameters in Power BI. Currently, we sent Revit parameters by their GUIDs from Revit because that’s the only safe way to make sure we don’t have duplicate names.

To answer your question, yes it is possible to access custom parameters in Power BI. We recently implemented a function in Power Query called ToNameValueRecord (we cover this in the above video) that makes interacting with Revit parameters much easier.

Please take a look and let us know if you have any issues.

Hi @gokermu, thanks for getting back to me. I have used the ToNameValueRecord in the past to extract parameters from modelled elements. The challenge I seem to be having is finding the custom project information parameters that I am sending via the “project information” filter.

I can see some of my project information parameters are hear, but not all of them. The highlighted ones don’t appear to have been streamed.

Unless i’m missing a step?


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Hey Matt,

I just looked into it and looks like you found a missing feature. We’ll add support for custom parameters in Project Information in coming releases. Thanks for reporting this😊.

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