Revit + Speckle: 2D View + File Upload


I am currently playing around with Revit+Speckle and the API and I got two questions:

thanks in advance

Are you building a desktop app, a revit plugin, a web application, or something else? Having a clearer idea will change the complexion of the following answers:

Do you mean the entire sheet of the individual views? The former, no, the latter, kind of.

There is a blobstore API endpoint that you can send files to; there isn’t a UI to list or retrieve them, but if you are building an application on top of Speckle then this can be utilised.

An example use-case is that the commenting system on the Speckle web frontend can accept attachments which do.

We are building a web application.

Preferably the entire sheet, but individual views could work as well. How would we approach this?

I understand. I hoped this would be possible with the Speckle Plugin in Revit & Co. So the only way possible right now would be to manually upload the files via the web UI for example and not via the Speckle App within Revit.

Right now the focus and capabilities of Speckle are not well suited to achieve the aims you state.

All our conversions from Revit to Speckle would be achieved in a desktop application plugin, we harness the Revit SDK to do this. At this time we do not make any conversion of Sheets or 2d drawing representation from Revit.

I asked about the individual views as this is possible where an orthographic representation of the 3d data can be made, after uploading a viewpoint can be pivoted and sectioned. Multiple of these viewpoints could be manipulated if you are building a web application with open sourced web viewer component.

Never say never, but we are not concentrating on drawings of files at this time but instead on the accessibility potential of object level 3d storage.

All of our tech is open sourced and I’m happy to work with you if you seek to fork / make contributions to fit your goals more than our current focus.