Revit - Schedules - Power BI

Objective: I am trying to use Revit Schedule to export from Revit to Speckle and then import into Power BI

Issue: The format of the schedule appears to reside in a single data column, with all schedule headers and values under a single column when I try to expand the data in Power BI

Example: See Revit Schedule alongside expanded data in Power BI. Is there a simple way to transform the data in Power BI to get a similar format to the revit


I’m hoping this significantly speeds up my Power BI file which is currently beginning to lag when I export the Revit categories with all the parameters. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Interesting use idea - I haven’t tried this myself but am excited to try out if we can make this possible or if we need to something more to support it

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@jonathon we currently pull in the Revit categories and then get the parameters to produce material quantity dashboards for all major structural elements. On larger projects there is a lag with the 3d viewer. I was hoping by importing the schedules it would reduce the amount of data parsing and therefore reduce the lag. It would also reduce the transformation of data in Power BI, if we were able to replicate the Revit schedules in a simple transformation. Right now, it doesn’t look like it is possible to replicate the revit schedule with everything under a single data column. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Hey @BIM_Wash,

What you’re asking for is definitely possible. All you need to do is clean up the received data and organize it in a way that is useful to you inside Power Query. My recommendation is to receive the data in Excel and link it to the Power BI, because we do some preprocessing to ensure that the Revit schedules look great in Excel. That way, you’ll have access to data that is easy to understand and work with.

Can you by any chance share problematic models with us? You can send a PM. We want to improve the performance of the viewer.

Give what i said above a try. You need to relate your Revit schedule back to the 3D model using the ApplicationID parameter. I’d be happy to help you if you can share a sample Speckle project/stream with us.