Revit Scheduler cannot specify which model version is the destination

Hi everyone!

After an internal Speckle training provided us by @AlexHofbeck and @ltascheva our colleagues started using it and implementing the workflow into our daily collaboration work, and after this, some feedback starts to show up! :slight_smile:

  1. It was noticed that the Scheduler in Revit does not specify the Stream selection. If we have for instance, a Structural Model and an Architecture Model uploaded on our streams, it is not possible to specify which one we would like to select. It is possible that this selection can be more specific?

  1. When the scheduler is triggered on the sync to central, unfortunately there is an upload window in the middle of the screen that shows up and that can’t be minimized. If this window could be minimized would be great to keep working while the upload is running.

MicrosoftTeams-image - 2024-03-12T113103.750

Thanks a lot and looking forward to hear from you soon! :slight_smile:

Raquel Mirra Santos


Great feedback @rmsantos .

While attention has been paid to the work toward the new web application and the terminology used there, this is likely a long-standing issue that should be addressed.

With the new web almost launched, we are now working on the next generation of the desktop connectors user interface (DUI3), so depending on how critically the Scheduler is used (can you estimate if it is a key feature B+G will want to use?), we will determine how rapidly fixing these will progress up the backlog.

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The scheduler would definitely help us and others outside of our firm a lot … and the Batch Uploader even more. Still, priority-wise I would prefer to have the IFC-diffing tackled.

it would help support a broader use of Speckle for the non-cad users (which at least inside of an engineering firm is the majority - FEA users).