Revit roomId missed for linked models

Hello everyone,
I’m a software engineer and not very familiar with BIM concepts, so I apologize for any uncertainty in my terminology.
I’ve imported a large Revit model with linked models into Speckle.
I can see room IDs in objects from the main model, but I can’t find any room IDs in objects from the linked models.
How can I set room IDs for objects from the linked models?

We’d have to check if the Revit API is capable of reporting roomid on linked models because it should be doing so otherwise.

Can you clarify are the elements in the linked model, the rooms in the linked model, both elements and rooms in the linked model?

I have the main Revit model with architecture, and a couple of linked models with plumbing, electrical, etc. The rooms are in the main model. In Speckle, items from the main model have room IDs, while items from linked models do not.

Hi @Zhbadya, I struggled with that as well. That happens because Revit does not build the relationship (object → room) for elements within another linked documents.

Even though Object C is “geometrically” within Room 101, there’s no Room 101 at document B. That’s unfortunate.

A duct tape we did to solve this, was to manually build the relationship using parameters. You can pick a point from Object C and query Document A using the Document.GetRoomAtPoint().

Not ideal, but I am also not sure there’s much Speckle could do to help.