Revit Rebar Transport Error

Hi Speckle Team,

I’ve been attempting to upload Revit models with Rebar elements in both versions 2.17 rc and 2.17, but unfortunately, I haven’t achieved positive results. I’ve tested this with multiple models, and each time, I encounter a Transport error.


Interestingly, when I tried with 1000 rebar groups, it worked, but when attempting with 6000, it didn’t. Could you please address this issue? In our field of work, these models are relatively small.

Here is the link of this model
Model with 1000 bars

Furthermore, I’ve noticed that the viewer becomes significantly slower when dealing with these larger numbers. I can only imagine the challenges that may arise when working with even larger models.

I believe this is an issue worth looking into. Can you provide assistance on this matter?

@clrkng @Pavol

Thank you.

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Hi @gjordanp ,

thank you very much for trying the latest release and I’m really sorry that you didn’t have the best experience. We didn’t get the transport error during our release testing. Could you please share the source Revit models that didn’t work for you? You can send them to me via private message.

We continuously improve performance of the Speckle Viewer and you can try the latest in the new front end. The loading is a bit quicker and model is definitely more responsive on my laptop. Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Model with 1000 bars in FE2

Hi Pavol, this es the model.

I was trying to upload from Revit 2021.

I may have try in 2022 also.


Hi @gjordanp

I looked over the model you uploaded and the viewer performance I’m getting is good even on a low end (integrated) GPU. Like Pavol suggested I also strongly recommend that you use our latest frontend (FE2) to view the models since it contains significant improvements viewer-wise when compared to the old frontend.

In order to better get an idea for possible reasons why you’re getting poor performance on your machine can you please provide me with some information

  • OS and OS version
  • GPU model
  • Browser and browser version


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Thanks Alex

You are right, it is good, it was probably my VPN connection at that time. I will like to try on bigger models.

Could you replicate the trasport error?


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Hi @gjordanp we are tracking a couple of instances of the transport issue you described in the OP.

If you could confirm a couple of things:

  • if you retry the send, does it eventually succeed despite changing nothing (maybe on third attempt ?
  • if you break your overall object count into smaller selections do these each succeed?

I’m asking so we can profile if the error matches what we are already tracking.

Hi @jonathon ,

Y have tried again in version Revit connector version 2.18 wip3

I’m trying to send a model with 7000 selected elements.

First Attempt: Remote Transport Transport Failed
Second Attempt: Remote Transport Transport Failed
Third Attempt: Remote Transport Transport Failed

OS: Windows 11 Pro
Version 10.0.22635 Build 22635
GPU Model: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650

System Info:

Are you still working on this?


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Can you share a 7000 rebar item model with us to reproduce your error and if our fixes are relevant for all sue cases?

Yes of course this is the link.


I have been able to reproduce the error. A single object is exceeding the maximum DB size.

I have periodically been reducing the candidate culprit objects, from there we’ll work out what in the conversion logic for rebar will need to change.

Great news can’t wait for updates.