Revit parameter's name

In my Revit model, I created rooms parameters.
Once imported in PowerBI, some of those parameters doesn’t show by their name in Revit but by a serie of caracters

Example In Revit the parameter name is ‘‘BATIMENT’’, in PowerBI it shows as 7bd4d98c-2806-427c-b900-e0067405b364

But some parameters appers correctly

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Salut @Daniel_Houle, welcome to the forum.

Some parameters in Revit have their hardcoded names in objects as they are part of the core families. Others are dynamically project-related - for these, they are addressed by their guide - which allows Revit to handle the differences between projects. This is what you are seeing.

We have a tutorial that explains how to handle these in PowerBI.

If you prefer the video format:

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