Revit parameter updater is broken?

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Did the Revit schedule <> Excel workflow broke or am I doing something wrong (it was working before)?


  • Open Revit 2023 architectural example model
  • Create room schedule and use the Speckle Revit connector 2.17.0 to send it to Speckle
  • Receive in Excel and modify some values
  • Send from Excel (tried different send methods, with headers or without)
  • Try to receive in Revit and get this error:

Side note: how can I check which version of the Excel connector I am using? And do I have any control over which version I want to use?

I can’t even get the Speckle 2.17.0 connector to work at all. Keep getting this “Revit could not complete the external command error.” It looks like they are in the midst of solving this issue but giving them a lot of headache.

In the meanwhile, I recommend using DiRootsOne for a Revit/ Excel workflow.


Yes, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I have a fix for this issue sitting in a PR and it should be merged in sometime today or tomorrow. I’ll ping you again once the fix is live

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Thanks, DiRoots is nice indeed.
Now that you mention it, I wonder, what would make Speckle more valuable compared to other tools such as DiRoots? @connor , would it be possible to add the meshes when sending the schedule from Revit? Because it gives users something visual in the web viewer + when users receive the schedule in Excel, they have the geometry on the side so they can easily understand the context of the schedule they are working with.

The Schedule update use case reduces the data received/sent. This would somewhat conflict with the intent, but we can consider it.

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Ah yes that makes sense. It could be an advanced setting toggle. And it’s just a thought, I don’t know if many users would see added value in such a feature.

Yup - lots of bright ideas potentially live behind advanced settings. I may not reveal any magic when I say - people don’t use advanced settings.

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Hey @JdB,
The updated excel connector is out now.

To answer your earlier question, there is not a way to switch versions of the excel connector due to the way that Microsoft does their plugin deployment.

Keep letting us know if you have any issues :+1:

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