Revit Links - Backward Compatibility?

I am currently working on coordinating models between Revit 21 and current versions of Rhino 3D and Sketchup. Everything seems to work great unless there are linked Revit models. Linked geometry will not be present when sending a view from Revit. As I understand it, linked models will transfer with Speckle if using Revit 24.

My Question: is there is any push to implement this in earlier versions of Revit? Especially since the industry is slow to update; It may take 5-10 years before firms make the jump. Currently, this is creating a notable lag in an otherwise streamlined process.

Or, if I’m missing something, please let me know. I’m still relatively new and could very well be overlooking a solution.


Hey @Lawson_Endicott ,

Have you tried using Send Linked Model option under Advanced Settings?

Hey @gokermu ,

I have. Specifically, I am trying to send only portions of a large model so I’m setting up scope boxes and then exporting those associated 3D views. This works great in a standalone model but if there are links Speckle breaks and freezes; this is with the Send Linked Models option active.

I should mention, I am operating inside a cloud model in BIM360. Would that be causing this issue? I’d rather not download an entire model every time there is a change, but maybe that’s the only option currently?

We’ve just confirmed the current behaviour is that if any portion of a linked file is included in a Send to Speckle, then the entirety of the linked file is sent.

This is the OOTB Revit API limitation. We have a development ticket to investigate if there are workarounds we can use.

We have a separate investigation right now related to linked files on BIM360/ACC. The Revit in-app preview seems to defer full access to each cloud-linked object’s data until the API query is made, so we see reports of performance drops with the conversion of these files. So, poor performance will be a combination of each of these limitations.

The effective workaround right now (which is not remarkably scalable but does work) is to replicate the scope boxes in each of the linked files and to send them from the native file and not the “send linked files” option.

I’ll continue working in that fashion then. Thanks for the quick responses! Love the product