Revit light source and family coordinates

Hi Team,

We’re experiencing a few issues when sending objects from Revit to a stream.

• Although the Revit Light Source category is turned off when sending objects, it still makes it way into the Speckle commit/model. Is there away around this? If not, is it possible to save a scene state/filter in the stream/viewer for viewers and collaborates to access? This would be a great feature.

• We’ve noticed that some Revit families would be positioned correctly within the Revit model but once sent to a stream, they would relocate into an arbitrary location. They families are not grouped or nested and would happen across different categories. Some of the elements read as true for mirrored, handFlipped or facingFlipped but I can’t see any consistency as some of the objects that are in their correct position have the same True or False output.

• Currently, we’re having to archive our model and ungroup everything for us to send objects. I’m assuming Revits grouping API restrictions is still a major issue. Is there any workarounds or work being done on this to have a more streamlined model delivery?

Thanks for the detailed report @MitchellAxe. Can you clarify that the 3rd point is independent of the second? I wasn’t sure. i.e. You are ungrouping to send (3rd point), but the second point states things aren’t grouped.

Your snapshot examples are excellent for illustrating the issues you have. Could you share the RVT with our team (can be by DM). If that is sensitive, can you share something that also behaves as you show but is easier to share?

The team have been looking at the various geometries associated with lights/light sources recently. e.g. should the beams be separated from the luminaire/lamp etc., I’ll be sure to share this outcome with them.

Thanks for the prompt response @jonathon , I’ve DM’d you some information.

Hi @jonathon just following up on this.

It is under investigation for the coming release.