Revit group elements

Hi! im looking for a way to access the elements inside a revit group.

right now im seeing a single element and no property/method to access the components inside.

am i missing something or is this the way its set up ?

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Hi @Ricardo_Zepeda,

Good catch! Looks like we don’t properly support Revit groups. And you can’t access elements inside a Revit group from viewer. I created an issue for this and we’ll let you know if we make any progress on this. Thanks for catching this💪!

Any progress on this? We just started trying to do the same thing but for units in an apartment building, and it’s giving us the same problem. Is there a toggle for this?

@Ricardo_Zepeda @bcall

Support for sending groups was added in the newest release, 2.11, that happened earlier this week. If you go into the “Manager for Speckle” application and update your Revit connector to 2.11 then you should be able to send groups to Speckle. Here is a revit group that I sent to speckle recently. You can access the individual elements of the group via the “elements” property.


sweet!! thanks for the update!