Revit-excel roundtrip

I would like to send some of my Revit parameters to Speckle
On the other end I would like my assistant (not Revit user) to import those parameters in excel, updated them and send them back to speckle.
It seems that ALL the type based shared parameters are always greyed out !!
If shared parameters are instance parameters they work fine.
Is that the way it is supposed to work? I would really like to be able to edit TYPE shared parameters
Thank you

Hey @Roberto75 that sounds like a workflow the Parameter Updater workflow is here to help with. Is this the method you have tried? I.e sending a Revit schedule and viewing that in excel?

Hey @jonathon
thank you so much for your kind reply.
I am not sure I understand what you mean by “the Parameter Updater”, but basically yes that is what I would love to accomplish: export Revit schedules and import them back when my assistants update the content with Excell. Basically, Sopeckle would help with interoperability by acting as the main source of truth for schedules data.
However, it seems not all the parameters can be updated. As I said, type-shared parameters show up in grey.
Thank you so much

The edge cases around type parameters are large and are currently not supported as editable by design. This is also true for properties such as volume and area etc.

E.g If you were to send 3 elements that have a shared type property and were to change these values, what should be the effect for all elements of the same type not part of the original schedule.

Apologies this is the feature name for editing Revit schedules in Excel with Speckle.

Makes sense
thank you so much for your answer
I will have to find another way to achieve that

that was super helpful, again thank you for taking the time to answer my questions