Revit - Excel Parameter Updater graying out custom parameters in Excel

Hello all, I hope you can help me with this issue. I have some custom parameters in a category and when I send the schedule to Excel they are not available to be modified.

What could be happening?

Is this allocated in your project as an instance or type parameter?

Hi @jonathon . Its allocated as type parameter.

Only instance parameters can be modified from the Excel parameter updater, that’s because type parameters are more complex and can have wider repercussions, and also are less likely to be updated in bulk.

Thanks for the response @teocomi . I was able to modify the built-in type parameters. So I assume that only works with them and not for custom ones?

We always have a lot of types to modify so I think I’ll need to fork the Revit connector :sweat_smile:

It should work for custom parameters too!

If you tell us a bit more about your use case we can look adding this on our roadmap, or we could also chat and see how you could contribute with a PR :hugs:

Would love to contribute!

Im software developer in a architecture and landscaping company. We usually handle a lot of planting types for big projects and they are updated often during the design process.

Fantastic! Let us know when you’re getting your hands dirty with this and how we can help.
If I remember well, the main hurdle for us was finding how to modify the Type parameters from the Revit API…

I’ve developed some internal tools to modify the type parameters. Right now I’m exploring the Revit Connector repository to find where is the relevant code to see if I can help with this.

Here is the conversion logic for family instances, as you see we only have a method to set instance parameters currently:

And this is the SetInstanceParameters method.

Specifically in relation to the ParameterUpdate path between Revit&Excel, receiving data back from Excel parameter updater is operating within what you can do with Revit Schedules. Specifcially we pass a Schedule as a Organization.DataTable and read that in the excel connector.

That Datatable is created with Column metadata that is parsed by the Excel connector to determine which are editable fields


Uses the IsReadOnly prop of ElementType params and Instance params

Amendments to data in Excel is then again stored in speckle as a DataTable and converted to Native by making amendments to the Revit Schedule.

So if the value is editable in the schedule, we should be editing it via this route.

Oh thanks for the hint! Will try to help here

Hello! @teocomi @jonathon

I’ve added a PR for this. Just wanted to let you know :slightly_smiling_face:


Amazing! Our engineers will review and try include this in the next release, thanks Eduardo!

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