Revit - ETABS connection - Scaling issue

  • Objective: To import model from Revit to ETABS ( Ro simply simply create a link between Revit and ETABS)

  • Issue: The model gets scaled down by a lot when exporting from Revit to ETABS. I am not sure if it is because of some problems with the units. But I have tried to make sure the units are aligned in both models.

  • Example: The sample model I am trying has a width and length of 5m. But when imported to ETABS, it has become 0.1969m.

  • Speckle link:

This is my first time exploring Revit and ETABS connector. When I import model from Revit to ETABS, the model is extremely scaled down.

Can someone explain why this is happening and how to resolve this problem?

@Mohamed_Sabith, can you set the project as a shared link? No one can access your model without doing so.

Thanks @jonathon
I just made it as Shared link.

Hey @Mohamed_Sabith ,

I just looked at your model. It seems to be sent from Revit 2020. That version’s API has a limitation. Can you try sending from a later version (preferably 2022 and above) and see if it persists?