Revit Elements Missing in Viewer

I’ve been playing around with setting up a dashboard via one of the SpecklePy tutorials. I have the Viewer working on my page but it never shows the Revit elements in any of the commits.

I’m using the code from the tutorial with the only difference being I’ve added a selection boxes for the specific branch and commit as opposed to just the stream.

def commit2viewer(stream, commit, height=400) -> str:
    embed_src = """&commit="
    return st.components.v1.iframe(src=embed_src, height=height)

with viewer.expander("Viewer",False):
    st.subheader("Latest Commit👇")
    commit2viewer(stream, commits[0])

Am I missing something? I though the commit would include all object types.

Hey @Nick_Boyts ,

Your assumptions are correct! It’s really weird that only the lines are shown…
Any chance you can share the URL being used so we can check?


Hey @Nick_Boyts ,

I think we might need to see the whole code. AFAIK, nothing wrong with the embed url. but there might be something wrong with your selection logic? You can send a DM if you don’t want to put it out here or share your repo.

Wow, never mind. :man_facepalming:

I had changed the viewer to show the latest commit for testing and forgot to change it back. Thank you.