Revit Connector sends Rooms and other invisible information from groups in 3D views

If there are grouped floors with rooms grouped inside them (Common Practice for many firms dealing with multistory buildings)

This information is being sent to the Speckle model inside the group and there is no way to filter out the rooms from the view since they are not actually visible in the Revit model view,.

Have not tested other elements

Do you care to share a project link or screenshot that demonstrates what you are describing?

See Below,

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That is very helpful :pray:. I have raised a development ticket. This cross-cutting issue may have a fix in the Revit connector and the viewer, so we’ll keep this post updated as we progress the issue. :cool_spockle:

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Hey @Eric_Schoepfer ,

Since rooms are still part of the group entity in Revit, it is expected for them to be sent to Speckle. If you want to hide them from the 3d viewer, you can use Scene Explorer to do that. Here’s how:

I hope this helps.

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No thank you though,

I showed this in my video,.
This should be able to be sent from the 3d View even if there exist groups,.

I dont want my client or consult having to hide rooms every time they interact with a model,. Or if it is embedded it does the same,.
No it simply needs to be able to somehow filter them out when selecting “View” to send in the revit connector

You can send if you select through categories,. then it wont send even if it is in the group, I have tried and successfully done this with the model,. The problem with the “Category” choice is if you have other info modeled in parts of the overall revit model (artifact elements teams using to build and manipulate models and other template in place items you may not want sent)

Groups are a standard use item in Revit and if it is an Element that isnt visible in the view to either filter independently or be directly hidden either through the connector or the visibility settings,. It shouldnt send it,.

What if I have families I want to keep secure but other info I would like to send? I cant send it separately without ungrouping it ?!?!? What would be the point ? Now I cant send that whole group,. Naaaa should be a better solution

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Hey @Eric_Schoepfer ,

I understand that this might not be exactly what you are looking for. I’d like to confirm if your query is solely related to rooms being visible in the viewer. Would it be alright if we still send the data to Speckle but hide it in the viewer?

Rooms are not visible or can be filtered or controlled through visibility settings in Revit in 3D views,. So the connector should ahve a way to simply filter that “Category” from the “view”
Maybe simply adding a “Category” filter in addition to the “View:” selection seems would be pretty easy to do in the connector so it would ensure you could remove even if they are in groups

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We’ve made a ticket that loosely describes that behaviour as an option. Thanks