Revit connector - issue receiving lighting fixtures

Hey all!

We’re experiencing an issue receiving lighting fixtures into Revit. The objects initially appear to be receiving, but after all conversions are completed, the objects disappear/are removed from the model.

Steps to recreate:

  • Send lighting fixtures from Revit to Speckle
  • Delete lighting fixtures from Revit model
  • Re-receive lighting fixtures from Speckle into same Revit model

I can provide a minimal model that will reproduce the issue if required - please let me know!

Alternatively, if I try to receive the stream into a new Revit model, I get the following conversion issue:


Note: I have tested this using 2.12 Revit connector and xyz server (stream is publicly accessible here).

Thanks for the report Dan!
We’ve logged this internally and will look into it in the next few weeks :eyes:

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Hi @d.naughton,

Do you think you’d be able to send me a file with those elements? I’m running into an issue with a particular parameter, RBS_ROOM_COEFFICIENT_UTILIZATION, and getting an error that says the value has to be between 0 and 1.

That value is 0 in the stream that you shared

I changed the value to .1 during the receive operation and everything worked fine. But now I’m wondering how that value got to be 0 in the first place. It seems like this may be an issue on send instead of on receive

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I’ve sent you a test model that recreates the issue!

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Hey @teocomi and @connor - we’ve found another issue regarding receiving lighting fixtures so figured I’d tack it onto this thread to keep things together.

Issue: Sending light fixtures from Revit to Speckle to consume in another Revit model is duplicating objects when using ‘Update’ feature on receive. For example:

  1. Send these light fixtures (qty: 100) to Speckle and consume in another Revit model:

  1. Update the location of lights (qty: 100) to align, and send to Speckle again, once again consuming into the other Revit model:

  1. Final result (qty 200):

The lighting fixture objects are superimposed upon on another, rather than updating the objects, leading to a qty of 200, as opposed to 100. I did some spot checks in the speckle browser and the applicationIds for the lighting fixures between img 1 and 2 match.

Note: using same version of Revit connector as noted above with the same stream, if you want to access the data. I can also send a model if necessary.

Thanks, Daniel,

The team will look into this as it isn’t expected behaviour. Can you confirm that the only change after receiving the lights was the simple move and that this was all within one session?

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Hey @jonathon - yep the only change was moving some of the lights. It was all within one Revit session (i.e. without closing)


@connor has tackled this and I think @d.naughton you have confirmed this is fixed.

The second issue seems to have been resolved by the action on the first.

@jonathon my apologies on this one - I made a mistake recreating the bug but it isn’t actually fixed yet. I’ve created an issue on the repo and added a link to this discussion