Revit connector feedback

hi Dimitrie,

I was finally able to manage by working with the Revit connector on my laptop and a Rhino connector on my desktop pc.

here are the points that I think should be noted before starting with Speckle and what is missing, without wanting to rush anything:

  1. once elements have been assigned to a stream, it is preferable not to change the selected elements. I tried a few items, then I changed the selection. And if I do a receive, the old elements disappear.

  2. The stream should ideally be controlled from a single source.

3.types must exist, otherwise a generic element will be set up during the stream

what are missing at the moment:
Reference plane
Wall profile
Wall insert or reveal
Wall from massing
Level are not binding

Also, could we add folders for streams? would be nice if we deal with many project?

thank you!

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Hi @yien, wow thanks for the feedback! This really welcome. As a quick general question, would you mind if I make this public in the forum?

I will share this with the team. We’ll get back to you with any clarifications we might need. I suspect around (1) and (2) we might want to schedule a quick 10 min chat so we can understand better.

(3) is loud and clear. We’ll add them slowly, albeit I thought ceilings and roofs are there. The Revit API around them is horrible, but @teocomi made some progress recently.

(4) folders for streams - that’s a good shout. The ui has a lot of whitespace at the moment and i understand where you’re coming from. If there’s 4 or 5 streams, you already need to start scrolling.

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Hey @yien this is great feedback, thanks!
Would love to poke your brain further on some of the items raised, would you be available for a quick chat this or the next week?