Revit - Command Failure for External Command

Everything else works except Revits…
What can I adjust…

Hey @bradshales welcome to the forum!

Can you please click on details and send another screenshot?


Oh no, that’s not very helpful sadly…
What version of Revit and of the connector are you on?

Revit 2023.0.11.19… and Speckle 2.7.5
Revit 2022.1.21.13 gives me this error…

Thanks for this, the error seems related to the OneClick send - is that giving you issues or the main Connector too (first icon in the toolbar)?

Revit Connector button does nothing.
Scheduler and Send to Speckle gives the error.
Quick Share window seems to pop up ok.

Hey @bradshales there’s clearly sometihng off there.
I have made a new pre-release that should give us some more information on what’s happening.
Can you please try with

Thanks. Installed beta. Here’s the new error.


Ah! This makes me think that you might have either:

  • an older version of the Dynamo Connector
  • an old version of Speckle Core being loaded (maybe another plugin using Speckle in the background? Searching for SpeckleCore2.dll might help!)

Which are conflicting with the Revit Connector… Can you please check?

I can’t find SpeckleCore2.dll running anywhere.
Updated all connectors so they are the same version.

Now getting new error in Revit 2023.

Getting this error when trying to Send to SPeckle from within Revit 2023

Rhino is working…

Hey @bradshales ,

Thanks for testing again and sorry for these nasty bugs. I’ll reach out in private and see if we can schedule a quick call to debug!

It seems like the issue went away by itself this morning :partying_face: after:

  • removing all the connectors
  • reinstalling the Revit and Dynamo connector, ensuring their version numbers where aligned .
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Thanks for your time last night.

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Finally got it to break again.
I think it may be rhino.inside in revit.

install to revit and dynamo and its fine.
add install to rhino, then it breaks.

Are you trying to use Speckle in Rhino Inside Revit? If thats the case, i believe it doesn’t work and we are aware of it. You can use Speckle only in a standalone Rhino session.

I wasnt trying to use Speckle in Rhino.Inside.Revit.
Rhino.Inside.Revit is installed though.

Was trying to just use revit speckle after installing rhino, then it fails.


I can reproduce now, thanks! We’re working on a fix :slight_smile: