Revit - Command Failure for External Command

Hi crew.
Any progress on a fix?

Hi @bradshales ,

Apologies I forgot to post a reply, this issue should have been fixed in our 2.8 release, please give it a go and let us know!

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Still no good sorry…


Hi @bradshales , thanks for the screenshot, can you please try updating the Rhino and Grasshopper connectors as well?


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Sorry about it @bradshales , can you help us understand how to reproduce it?

Does it just happen any time you open Revit or is there any other step involved like opening a specific file? I guess that if Rhino.Inside or the Rhino Connector are removed it then works as expected?

Hi guys… Sorry about this…
So this morning i removed the rhino and grasshopper connector…
and it works in the revits…

added the rhino connector… and…

it broke

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Hi @bradshales,

Was Rhino.Inside active when you get this error? Or did this happen after you installed Rhino connector and initialized Revit?

Asking to double check if this is related to RhinoInside or something else.

I’m pretty sure this is because our UI gets initialized inside the Rhino connector, in Rhino.Iniside.Revit before it is actually initialized in the Revit connector.
Really weird that we cannot repro on our side, will try adding additional guards and just disable Speckle when running in Rhino.Inside…

Hey @bradshales I’ve just released a new pre-release for the Rhino Connector, could you please install that and try again?


Good morning lads.
Installed the rhino inside fix updated connector…
All seems to work great!!!


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