Revit 2024.1.1 - Speckle not functional

  • Objective: Send and receive objects using Speckle version 2.16.0 for Revit 2024.1.1

  • Issue: Speckle is not functional at all within Revit. Not able to click or add any channels.
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Also unable to use Speckle Manager. Crashes as soon as it opens

Hey @brianna that doesn’t sound good as a first experience, but thanks for dropping by.

I have some suspicions, but could you describe the environment you are running Revit and Speckle under. i.e. Corporate network, vpn vs open internet, can a browser access

If manager wasn’t working for you, did you install from our releases page?

We should NOT be crashing on you but there can be some moving parts that can get in the way of a stellar speckle experience we can help your work around.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello, thanks for your fast response! I am running Speckle under a corporate VPN. I had no trouble using Speckle with Revit 2022 with an older version of Speckle under the same restrictions and on the same laptop. My browser shows my Speckle streams just fine. A manager worked with me to install it.

Additional context to consider: our consultants experienced similar non-functionality with Speckle in Revit 2024.1.1


I will immediately log a support ticket for this. And I think we can share some details of what ports need opening and/or addresses need whitelisting.

If you could share (via DM) your speckle user ID, we may be able to check our server logs any interactions youve registered.

[quote=“brianna, post:4, topic:7598”]
our consultants experienced similar non-functionality [/quote]

By “our consultants” do you mean others outside your company?

We’ll investigate and try to tackle Manager and Revit 2024 Connector issues separately but with an eye on each to see if there is a single solution.

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Perfect thank you, I will follow up via DM. And yes by consultants I mean those outside the company I work for.