Revit 2023 to speckle not all electrical equipment transferring across

When exporting to Speckle from Revit 2023 linked electrical model not all electrical equipment coming across. Though maybe it was because of equipment clearance zones but switched those off they still did not come through. Some appear to be nested families this may be the issue unfortunately I can’t share due to NDA I will try to export directly from the consultants model see if I get a different result and report back.
Electrical equipment missing from export Revit 2023.pdf (691.6 KB)

Are the categories of the items missing consistent as far as you can tell?

Without specifically sharing the file, if you can help us identify some pattern for what is not converting this will help.

As you say this is linked file data, do the elements send from the file being linked? Just a small selection to check

Does the Revit log list any failed conversions?

For the most part they seem to all be things under electrical equipment family. Tried exporting directly from the linked model with no luck there either. They are on different worksets nothing hidden though from what I can see. I tried to export from view and export everything still won’t come through. I will copy out a small section into a separate model and try that before sending that file over. They appear to be proper families no .dwg files inside of them or anything.

A helpful check. Thanks

Can you try a subset and report what the Revit Log has to say?

Here a section of the log. What does this error imply

I’ll have to dig, but it looks like we are assuming something about conversion that is not supported by the Revit API.

We’ll need at least a single object (with any hosting conditions) to confirm