REST vs GraphQL

Hi all! Been kicking around a js prototype with the goal of making an api node package for different object types and for sending / receiving data from a stream. I’m a bit confused at the moment with some of the workflows, in particular using REST vs GraphQL. I’ve been referencing some resources (mainly the excel-connector and sketchup-connector) along the way that all seem to have a different approach to this workflow. So I thought I would throw out the :speckle: :flashlight: to get some guidance from the crew.

Is there a reason we would want to use REST over graphql? I noticed in the speckle docs that it’s recommended that we rely on REST for any data sending / receiving from a stream and graphql for everything else, but in the excel-connector it relies only on graphql to handle all data actions. We’ve been in a battle with using REST, mainly some cors issue when trying to build and deploy this package but using the graphql approach has been successful.

Resources being used if anyone else is curious :books:


Also useful resources for any hackathoners looking in the direction of Node/JS for size.