Repetitive floors with speckle? Workflow? suggestions?

Hi Everyone,

Objective: I want to create similar/repetitive floor plans in Revit within the project(same revit file)and also across different projects (Same floor plan in different revit files on different levels).

What i want is to create one floor plan in main Revit file. i will use this floor plan on different levels in a project or acrosss different projects. When i change the main floor plan file. i want to change it in all the projects and all the levels.

I created the one floorplan in Revit and sent it to the speckle. Now i want to receive the floor plan on 4 different levels. what could be the best solution to that?
Also i want the functionality that if there is change in the main floor plan, i want to update the elements and not create them again from scratch.


That is not currently a feature in the core of Speckle. However, it sounds like a candidate for a Speckle Automate function.

While it sounds simple, several moving parts make it a loose fit in terms of setting a UI for an automation run. It is perfectly possible, but with Automate, you bring your own code.

We are still accepting registrations for the closed Beta: Automate with Speckle

I have seen this workflow in my BIM days, where teams use Revit Groups to achieve the same end. Some BIM Reviteers hate groups, so forgive that non-Speckle suggestion if that describes you :wink:

In addition to @jonathon 's reply, specific questions require specific solutions. Dynamo, Grasshopper and other programming environments are great for these sort of tasks. You can try that route.

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