Receiving slabs from Archicad to Blender deletes all the other slabs already received


I have imported a building with multiple Archicad elements into Blender.
Then I created another branch so that I can import only some furniture elements to edit them further
The Archicad furniture is made of slabs elements.
When I want to receive them, all the existing slabs geometry that were already received in Blender will disapear without actually importing anything neither.

I remember a while ago there was a limitation or bug dealing with receiving multiple branches into Blender. Could this be related to that? Could someone verify ?

Is multiple branching currently not supported in Blender ?
Should I try to receive on the same branch?

Hi @Constantinesis

Sorry to hear you are having issues.

Branches should be working correctly in Blender.
Please could you confirm that you are using the latest versions of both coonectors?

It sounds like you maybe experiencing two bugs, 1. old received geometry being deleted, 2. new geometry not being created

If possible, could you add me to the stream that you are having issues receiving in blender.

I’ll do some investigating today.

Hello @Jedd
It looks like again there is a problem with my Archicad connectors update.
In Archicad, the version that i have is 2.10.3 but in Speckle Manager, t is updated to 2.11.1

Also, in Archicad Addons Manager, the connector appears two times but one of them has a warning sign

Also, i just updated the Blender connector and now on Receive I get errors and nothing is receiving, even on a new file.

My Manager for Speckle is version 2.8.1.
Is it supposed to update automatically?

I just downloaded Speckle Manager again from here Manager for Speckle but it still shows as version 2.8.1

Still after uninstaling and reinstalling Speckle Manager from the download link, it shows as version 2.8.1 instead of 2.11. The Blender and Archicad connectors are now updated to the latest 2.11.2 and 2.11.1 but i still get the Blender error log and I cant receive anything now.

@Jedd It looks like the problem is with the Archicad connector because I just realized that now, Blender can only receive Morph elements from Archicad. This just happened today after latest updates i think. Walls and slabs are not received and i get that error log.
This is what i get in Blender outliner. There are Slab and Wall collections but they are empty

Here is the test stream I did Speckle

Potentially, this could have been a bug in the blender connector (a regresion in 2.11.2).
I’ve pushed a new version of the connector 2.11.3

I’ve given it a quick test, and was able to receive walls/slabs correctly

If you could, please give it a try, and let me know if this works for you.

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Hello @Jedd thanks for the update, it did fix the error but the original issue with dissappearing slabs is still there
Please have a look at this stream Speckle
First receive the Main branch and then try to receive the Horizontal Shelves branch
When I try it, the slabs from Horizontal Shelves do appear now but the slabs already existing from the Main branch dissappear
Let me know if you can replicate the issue

afair receiving multiple branches at the same time is not possible in Blender currently. We had this conversation before:

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Yeah you are right, I was thinking could be the same issue it just that this time it behaved a little different.
Hope this can be possible in the future, I find it very usefull.

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