Can I work with multiple branches in the same time?

I have different parts of a model sent as different branches.
I am trying to receive them in Blender as separate objects but when I receive one branch, it overwrites the existing geometry of the other branch and makes it a duplicate.
I want to keep both of them and update separately when needed.
I think there something I am doing wrong or did not understand how branches work?

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Hey @Constantinesis ,

In the long run we will add a save option for the Blender connector (just like the ones at we have for Revit, Rhino etc.) and perform per-stream tracking.

Currently, receiving different branches should not override previously received geometry afaik. I did a quick test with some Revit geometry and it works as expected. Can you share the files/streams you used?


Can you try again with same type of geometry/category, like both should be walls?
By the way I am sending curves from Rhino . Better try like that.
here is first branch Branch | Speckle
here is the other one Branch | Speckle
I just tried again with an empty Blender file and exactly same thing.
It overwrites and duplicates the objects.
I am using Blender 3.2.2

Hmm, I see. Looks like we’re keeping track of geometry per stream. We’ll evaluate this option and see if its possible. As I said, we want to add a Save💾 option for the Blender connector, but it might take a while.
For now, I think you can work on two different Blender files and Link them. Or good old copy-paste?

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Thanks, yeah that would be usefull, to be able to work with multiple streams in teh same file. Save feature could be a way too I think. It depends how is going to work. I think it should make a copy of the object on the scene? Maybe a linked copy is it possible? That way you could have it update with the stream.