Receive Revit data - View changes on speckle web app

I’m trying to receive data from Revit and utilize the new beta ‘view changes’ option on the web app. I’m attempting to understand the origin of this data (see attached screenshot). The ID associated with it will change when I send the data, but I haven’t modified the object.

Is this ID generated by Speckle, or does it originate from Revit itself?

Hi @Gab ,

That ID originates from Speckle, and it’s what we use to detect changes.
Here’s how it works:

  • every object sent to speckle gets hashed (meaning we serialize its geometry and properties) to a string, which is the highlighted ID
  • when diffing, we check if elements that have the same Revit ID also have the same hash
  • if yes, it means they haven’t changed
  • if not, their geometry or any of their parameters have changed

So my assumption is that, in your case, some inner parameters might have varied a little bit across the sends?

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Interesting, thank you for this clarification. I just went through all the data of the object (old vs. new), and all the geometry and parameters are the same. I can’t find anything different other than the ID that Speckle generated. I must be missing something !

I just realized that my screenshot was highlighting two different objects. Here is a clearer screenshot comparing the old and new versions.

"I will continue to investigate or conduct more tests to find out why this ID changed. Thanks again.

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If you can share the project url of the two commits with us that would help us check this out for you.

If it’s private data, you can do this as a DM here.

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