Questions about nested blocks from Rhino

Hi there, I have two questions regarding nested blocks from Rhino to Speckle (see commit: Viewer - Jeroen's First Project - Speckle)

I’ve sent a nested block instance from Rhino, more specifically, the parent block instance (of block def b) contains a curve and another block instance (of block def a). I’ve assigned Attribute User Text to both instance b and instance a.

Question 1: In the Scene Explorer, I can only filter on the value of the Attribute User Text of the parent instance, and not the child. Is this intentional? I would like to be able to filter on attributes of nested children of block instances too. I understand working out the implications of this is not straightforward, since you might have to deal with parents having different attributes than children.

Question 2: When I receive the commit back into Rhino, I only receive the Attribute User Text of the parent block instance and not the child block instance. Why is this?




Thanks @Jeroen_van_Lith

A1. This is something I know @alex has been looking at. The better experience you describe is also useful in other environments when dealing with assemblies - e.g. PowerBI.

A2. That is an interesting observation I don’t have an immediate answer to. I can check back with the team. If you can share a linked example Model Version, we can use it as a test case.

  1. Thanks Jonathan! Great that your colleague is looking at it, curious to hear when there are updates.

  2. Of course, here’s the example Rhino file.
    nested_blocks_simple.3dm (77.0 KB)

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I’ll take a quick look into the missing AUT on the nested instance - could be a simple bug in the Rhino Connector with a quick fix.

@Jeroen_van_Lith1 It was as I expected, some missing logic in our nested instance conversions to set user strings. You can follow along the fix progress on github!