Question: How can I modify element parameters in Speckle?


I wonder if I can change some parameter for elements in Speckle and send it back to Revit or Navisworks?
Can any one help me with this?


Hey @_Ahmed_Fuqaha welcome to the forum, feel free to Introduce yourself :person_gesturing_ok: if you’d like!

Speckle is not designed as an editor, but we’ve recently launched a Parameter Updater functionality that allows you to modify parameters in Excel and send them back to Revit:

Beyond that, @_Ahmed_Fuqaha any Version Commit made from Revit or Navisworks can be amended programmatically and then resent to the Project Stream using our SDKs.

It will not be possible to receive changed data in Navisworks - that connector is Send only.

Hello @teocomi
That seems good, but can’t it be as online data, i mean by online, is to select the parameter through Speckle and make a modification or adding to this parameter, then save it in Speckle as online data, after that resend this data like what you did by excel.

I am not too much good in programming, but i think you can do it!

Many Thanks…

Hello @jonathon

Thanks for your answer, for Navisworks it’s not possible, but I think it could be through Revit.
Hope you can manage this issue, it will be a powerful tool to adjust.

Many Thanks…

Thanks for the suggestion; it is something others have suggested before.

Others in the Community are tackling it themselves…

We consider it possible, but it isn’t our focus of the web application in the near term.

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