Question: Geometry Display - Civil 3D to Revit Connector

I have used the Civil 3D to Revit Connector somewhat successfully, I have manged to export a Civil 3D pipe network to Speckle and then receive this in the Revit model. The positioning and levels of the pipe network have came in OK however the geometry is off, pipes aren’t shown as circular but square with jagged edges which change appearance on zoom. Apologies if this is a stupid question but is there a solution to make this appear smoother in Revit, similar to what’s shown on the Speckle Export in the Web Browser? Or is it simply an outcome of taking the model back into Revit?

Hi @Keri_Trimmer, welcome to Speckle Community.

Do you have a screen grab, or can you share the stream with that pipe network?

If you want to make a minimal version of it so nothing secret slips out, that’s all we need to see what’s up.

My guess is geometry is far from zero, but that may not be the case as, implicitly, Revit can’t handle that. Other than that, the Civ/Revit boffins can bash heads and look into this for you if you can share more.


I’ve attached 2 images - 1 from the Speckle Web Browser and 1 once received in Revit