QGIS export layers error

Hi Community!
I’m trying to send some layers from qgis to speckle and getting an error that you can see below:

I noticed that i’m able to send some of the layers but not the one i need :sweat_smile:
By the way im sending some layers with curves and points taken from GeoPackage file.
I wonder what can cause that issue? Any workaround?

Have you updated the Speckle to v0.2.0 as this resolved some export issues for me from, coincidentally i suspect, .gpkg

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 16.11.19

I still get Python errors reported,

but none fatal and the Speckle log is showing success.

Screenshot 2022-05-09 at 16.09.40


I don’t think support for curves have been implemented yet. See list of supported geometry types. So if your geometry has curves it might cause an error.
Also see this discussion- Add alignment conversions · Issue #23 · specklesystems/speckle-qgis · GitHub


Thanks for the information, @Baswein! Seems like that is the case :slight_smile:
So looking forward on updates from the Speckle Team concerning QGIS conversion :smiley:


Hi @Mykyta_Onopko ! May I ask you for a sample of your data (here or in PM) so I can test the fix? We are preparing a new release:)

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