Problem with CUSTOM_PROPERTIES in Tekla after Speckle installation

Hello, dev team!

My colleague @Maks_T and me are actively testing Speckle for Tekla. Both of us ran into a problem after installation of connector: all so-called CUSTOM PROPERTIES ( in Tekla failed to load with the error in “history” log file. Could you check this issue?


Hi @PavelNedviga and @Maks_T :raised_hands:t3:

I’ll ping @Reynold_Chan to have a look at this today, but it’s nighttime on his side of the world so it may take a couple hours :sweat_smile:

Meanwhile, is this happening only on the latest release 2.7.5? Does it happen in previous releases of 2.7.X or 2.6.X? Would help us know when this was introduced.

Thanks for bringing this up! We were planning on releasing an alpha version of our next release 2.8 today, so if its a quick fix we’ll try to include it so you can test it out :slight_smile:

@AlanRynne, fast response :slightly_smiling_face:
Current version of connector is:
After update the issue remains in


hi @PavelNedviga ,

I’m assuming this problem occurs when you call Speckle Tekla ? or pops up at the beginning ?

Does the connector still work and is able to send and receive objects ?

Thanks for testing and being patient !


Hi, @Reynold_Chan. This problem isn’t so obvious. We use several drawing templates with “custom properties”. These templates don’t work now only for the teammates, who installed Speckle connector. The issue is visible only in logs. Connector works and is able to sent-receive objects.

Can you send me the tekla model in a private message ? that would be most helpful thanks :slight_smile:

I’ll do it tomorrow ASAP.

Sounds like a dll conflict - if you can please share the custom properties (dll or code even better) it’ll help us to debug :slight_smile:


Hi, @Reynold_Chan .
I’ve sent you all requested info in private message as you asked. Working C# code of custom property is included.