Problem to export "plumbing fixtures" to Power BI

Currently, I´m trying to send a plumbing model to Power BI using Speckle. I created a testing model in Revit 2020 (a few pipes, fittings, mechanical equipment and plumbing fixtures), but when I sent it to Speckle the plumbing fixtures were missing.
I didn´t have a problem sending architectural and stuctural models, It is just the plumbing fixtures that are giving me problems Any thoughts?


As a test, could you try the latest alpha version of the Speckle Revit connector: ?

Were the plumbing fixtures visible in the Speckle web viewer?

Before seeing if PowerBI data wrangling can retrieve them, let’s check they are being converted.

We have been working hard on increasing the support for large amounts of MEP systems from Revit. I’d have to check if those improvements reached the Revit 2020 version.

Any sample files you can share we can debug against - it always makes it more helpful.

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Ok, I tried using Revit-2.18.0-alpha.exe, but I still don’t get the plumbing fixtures.
The Revit model contains below objects:

  • Pipes
  • Pipe fittings
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Plumbing fixtures

I checked the streaming elements were correct, and I created again the streaming, but trying to export just the above categories or, elements in view, but I got the same problem.

This is the original view in Revit file

But when I exported to Speckle I got this:

Also, I tried creating a new Revit file with pipes, pipe fittings and plumbing fixtures but I didn’t get the plumbing fixtures yet:

I´m sharing the original Revit file :frowning:
MEP.rvt (6.6 MB)

Good news and bad news @vmunozbe

Bad News: this may be more a Revit 2020 than a Speckle issue.

Good News: The model below is what I could send from Revit 2023 using your sample model.

I can’t confirm this hunch because I don’t currently have 2020 installed to check if this is an API support issue, but there isn’t a great deal of difference in our addon between versions other than what the underlying SDK allowed us to extract.

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lol…that is good news!!!. Also, I´m having a problem about the quantity materials. But, 'll upgrade to check what is going on with that. Thanks for your help @jonathon