Private Stream connected to PowerBI

Hi @teocomi

I am looking for help connecting private stream data with PowerBI to create a dashboard.

Please suggest the needful



Our PowerBI data connector does support fetching data from private streams, but the 3D viewer is currently in alpha stage and for now is only available of displaying data from public streams.

As of right now, there is no way around this, but your suggestion is noted and we’ve already discussed some possible alternatives to enable this in the viewer side.

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Thanks, @AlanRynne

I have another concern, regarding the data connection between viewer visual and other pia charts visual.

I am following available blogs but it is not getting connected.

Please help me to solve this issue

Thanks in advance

Could you send us a sample report and a gif highlighting this? You can do so privately if you’re not comfortable sharing any resources :wink:

Hi @AlanRynne

Please find the attached video, where you can get to know about my concern.

Hi @AlanRynne @teocomi

I am looking for help


Hi @AlanRynne @teocomi

Shall I get an update?

Not sure what could be going on here.

Could you share with us the stream and the report you are using?

Hi @AlanRynne

Please find the required details.

Attach Power BI report
Test PowerBI and Revit Connection.pbix (1.6 MB)
Stream Link - Stream | Speckle

Looking forward to hear from you soon


Well, It seems to load in my end using your report and version alpha5 of the visual.

No private stream warning.

Could this be an issue with your configured firewall on your machine or your PowerBI installation?

There is though, a bug in the loading logic that we’re already tracking and will be fixed in the coming weeks. :point_down:t3: Some objects will fail to load in PowerBI when sent from Revit Connector 2.13 and above

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Hi @AlanRynne

I checked the firewall configuration; it is stopped on my machine, and the SOPHO endpoint is active on my device.

HI @AlanRynne ,

Is Private stream available with the last update of the connector?
I saw that I could load the data in of a private stream, not sure if this was already available the update prior.

Private streams have the same support as before:

  • Data Connector supports pulling data from private streams
  • 3D Visual only supports public streams for now

We’re going to look into some alternatives to enable private streams in the following release.

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