Preview images from Revit

Hello dear Specklers,

it seems that the Preview images from Revit look a bit mushy compared to the rest. This is from a stream we uploaded a few months ago.

Archicad (a few weeks ago)

Older Revit Stream (I believe it was the beginning of the year) → which was actually good enough regarding sharpness … added that for comparison

It is more a papercut topic, but something may be worth polishing a bit :slight_smile:



Hey Alex,

Hmm, it seems that older models have a sharper look. I’ll inquire with the team and get back to you. Thank you for your patience!

No worries it is not an alive or dead situation :slight_smile: Just wanted you guys to know

Hey there! I just had a chat with the team and wanted to share some updates with you. So, we’ve made a decision to use only the dynamic AO for generating previews in the preview service. This would mean that we’ll be using half-resolution and low-quality AO.

We did consider enabling progressive AO, but it could significantly increase the image generation time since it doesn’t render the image on a GPU. However, we believe that the current setup is “good enough” in terms of meeting our requirements.

But, @AlexHofbeck we are hear to learn of your use-cases. Have you been using the preview service as-a-service for things external to the Speckle UI?

I have certainly heard from enough developers asking what the end-point is to guess that there are external uses we don’t fully know about.

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Hi @jonathon,

for now, it is only the frontend itself and the impression of how it looks when people see their models in this low-res. For developments we currently don’t have a use-case.