Powered By SPECKLE logo on every power Bi Visual

Hi, hello to everyone. I’m new user of speckle, I will have multiple views of the model on a Power Bi Dashboard, it need to looks minimalistic , but every view Have Powered By Speckle Logo in the corner. I know the purpose but is just looks odd. Is there a way to amend it?


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Welcome to Speckle @M_Ra. This logo inclusion is not currently customisable.

How many visuals do you include on a dashboard?

Well I plan quite a few, like 4 for one page. If it’s not possible, I have to come to terms with it.
I liked a lot functionality, it have great potential for professional use but logo on every view does not look very professional. Anyway thanks for fast answer!

As an open-source project, there is always an option to fork the project and make the change.

Nevertheless, I take your point and have logged it as a ticket for your consideration.