PowerBI: Model query does not work for every project

Hello dear Specklers,

I have a strange behaviour on our Speckle server, where one project can be queried in PowerBI, whilst the other model cannot.

We are using the newest connector version:

The model was uploaded with the latest 2.18.x connector version out of Revit.

As @jonathon is still guest member of our server I can invite him to the specific models. Or I can add @Nikos or @gokermu as new guests.

I can also offer you a call so that you see the bevior


Is that the result of the top-level DataConnector query or subsequent powerquery steps?

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top level. I even started fresh in a new document on two independent machines.

Hey @AlexHofbeck ,

This doesn’t sound right. Can you add me to the project and share the project link in a DM? I’d like to dig deep into this.

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