Power BI visualization artefacts

Hi all. Have you encountered small visualization artefacts in Power BI like this? They are pretty unstable, like a “floating bug”, mostly happened during rotation and moving the model.

This is new & welcome back to the forum :speckle:

Do you have any details you can share on your setup? Any artefacts like this could be graphics card related. Does the same model stream also prove problematic in the Speckle viewer (on speckle.xyz)?

To test for reproduction, you may need to trigger the filtering by some property.

I guess it’s not a hardware/driver issue.
The model in native Speckle viewer is perfectly rendered. Filtered objects are also much better, but some of those small artifacts could be found though.

The steps are pretty simple – I’ve just uploaded the default sample Revit model into the stream and inserted it to Power BI. Haven’t play with any parameters/properties, just used the default settings, so the highlighting for this moment is speckle_type.

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Could you share the graphics card details anyway? The PowerBI visual maybe runs a novel render pipeline. I ask as mine had different forms of psychedelic artefact and pinpointing the fix centred on that.

If we can replicate your issue, finding a fix is easier.

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Sure. It’s NVIDIA Quadro P400, driver version: 517.37.

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This could very well be the internal web engine PowerBI uses, which I’m not sure right now which one it is… but I’ll do some research

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The same for web version and on the mobile devices:

Hi @Iyur

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I might have an idea about what’s happening, but I’d need to know what viewer version is the PowerBI connector using. @AlanRynne might know if you provide us your connector version


Judging by this blog post

It seems they’re using WebView2… not sure if that helps @alex!

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Hi alex,

Thank you for response. It was Revit 2.12.2.

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Hey @Iyur ,

We recently made some improvements to our Power BI connector. Can you test with the latest release and let us know if it’s still the case?

PowerBI Connector: Releases · specklesystems/speckle-powerbi-visuals · GitHub
3D Viewer Visual: Releases · specklesystems/speckle-powerbi · GitHub

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Thank you! It works,
I guess it’s much better now, visualisation looks smoother.


Great! Feel free to share any feature requests you have. Thank you :blush:.


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