Power_BI visual


  • Objective: I want to view my model in Power_BI visual
  • Issue: I have a very light model but I do not know why I can not see my model in the 3D viewer of Speckle in PowerBI. Could you please help me?

Have you checked our tutorials?

Thanks for your answer, I finally found that the stream should be public, but you said that you are working on that for private streams also. Could you please let me know when we can expect to work with private streams as well?

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We are taking this initiative seriously. It may also allow for certification to the Microsoft store, making deployments much more straightforward. However, we don’t have a timeline for this yet. It requires work to the core viewer functionality outside the direct scope of the PowerBI visual itself.

A small note on what “Public” means in this context: It means it is available to anyone with the specific URL to which the project is shared. This is public only as widely as the URL is shared. Even behind this obfuscation, nevertheless, this can already be an overshare from some people.

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