Power BI V2.15.0.rc Issues

Hi Team

I am getting the below error while I try to connect the stream.

The viewer gets crashes once the mentioned stream starts loading in the browser.
Error - Out of memory

Please help me to solve this issue.


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Hey @RaviDCPL ,

I just sent an Access Request. Can you accept it please?

Yes I provided the access

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Looks like you entered “Stream URL” as the data source. When Stream URL is used, Power BI Connector will receive from the main branch in the Stream/Project. But your data resides in power bi branch. So instead of pasting Stream/Project URL, please use Branch/Model URL.

Your URL will be: {SERVER_URL}/streams/{STREAM_ID}/branches/{BRANCH_NAME}


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Okay Thanks ,What about the another issue i.e Viewer are getting crashed

Hi @gokermu
I am getting below error

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Hmm, this is weird. Looks like having spaces in Branch/Model name causes some issues. I replaced “space” with a “-” and it worked. We’ll look into it. In the meantime you can name your branches/models with dashes instead of spaces.

@alex sent an access request.

I created an issue for this and we will definitely get back to you.

Hi @gokermu, Thanks for the suggestion ; stream got connected with Power BI.

I have another challenge, model is not getting loaded in the viewer after waiting for more than 5 min.

Also, data extraction and connection are prolonged.

Please refer below images

Please help me to resolve this issue

Hey @RaviDCPL ,

I can reproduce your issue. Alan, our Power BI connector developer, is OOO currently. We’ll look into it and get back to you once he’s back.

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Hi @gokermu
Shall I get any update for above mention bugs.

Hey @RaviDCPL ,

Problems you mentioned still exists. Tho, I was able to view the model on the web using our new front end.

I think it will take more work to enable viewing inside Power BI. Can you, by any chance, share the Revit model with us? You can send a Direct Message if you don’t want to share it here. We’ll use it for benchmarking the viewer performance.