Power BI + Rhino

Hi, I want to use the 3DViewer in Power BI, but I haven’t been able to connect any of my streams using Rhino 7 and the Speckle connector. Since I’m new to these tools, I assume that I am doing something wrong. However, I tried using a Rhino stream from another user (Speckle), and I can actually see it on the report. So, I want to know how to correctly use the Speckle-Rhino connector because when I received the mentioned stream on a model I’ve created and I use it to make another stream and use it on the PBI, it is not working (my stream: Speckle)

Hey @alanhellman96 welcome

If you see the visual is working on your environment with the other stream but not yours, this is helpful info.

It sounds as though you need to enable “link shared” access to your stream in stream settings:

This gives the visual the access it needs to view your data.


Haha, in fact, that was the problem. I was assuming it was something dumb like that. Thank you for the reply! now it works excelent.