Power Bi - Object Transparancy

Hi There,
Is it possible to control transparency of an object in the Power Bi visual in colour as an colour override?
I know it is possible to export an object and if the material has been set with transparency in Revit it will display transparent. BUt what I would like to achieve is to control the colour override and transparency within power Bi.

For example set colour and transparency and colour by using measure:


Hey @Maciej_Sochacki ,

At the moment, we do not offer the option to override transparency of elements in our Power BI 3D visual feature. However, we plan to add color overrides in the near future. I am curious to know why overriding transparency is important to your use case. Could you please provide more context and explain your specific needs?

Hi @gokermu ,
Thank you for a quick reply.
We are thinking of visualising masterplan buildings against maximum permitted constraints.
For example maximum height - which we would model as a transparent mass to see whether any of the proposed buildings exceed the permitted height. It also could be the way to visualise the london viewing corridors or any other constraints in the 3d environment.
I think it works already as we can determine the transparency within revit object material and it keeps that transparency in the speckle viewer but having a slider in power bi to increase or decrease transparency would be a nice feature.



Thank you, Maciej; we’ve logged this as a feature request.