Power bi Colour By

Hi I’ve just imported a model into power bi along with an excel document, I have created a relationship between using a unique id code in the Speckle import and the excel import. the excel data then has a status field that i want to colour the model by.

I want to colour the model elements by the status, but for some reason when i use the status field in the colour by it doesn’t work.

does anyone know of any reason this might be happening?

If you could help in anyway i would be very grateful

kind regards


Hi @TARuk1981

Can you please share with us the project stream to take a look? You can send me a private message.
Also, can you describe a bit more the “status” , is it a parameter? It will be helpful if you share a Power BI screenshot.

Thank you

Hi Niko,

thanks for Reaching out, I’ve managed to get the elements to colour by now, what i cant do is specify what colours you colour by.

In the status I have Non Started, In progress and Complete I want to colour the element Red (Non Started), Blue (in Progress) and Green (Complete)

Is there away of Doing this?

Kind Regards